LEt It Snow, Let It Snow

A Very Long Winter Indeed



We will miss the warm days but won't forget all the fun we had this summer.  This includes a great Q2 meeting that we were able to have on the patio common area after some much needed cleaning.  Along with getting some things done, the pot luck turned out some really delicious food that we enjoyed with neighbors.

Fourth of july celebration

Our first Annual Fourth of July Celebration was a huge hit as
the entire community came out to celebrate.  We were also joined by some of our friends and neighbors from the Hilltop community as we barbecued some really good food, drinks,  danced to tunes Provided by DJ Funk, and caught just a glimpse of the fireworks later on.   the entire day with dishes prepared by our  neighbors. 

we've been busy!

We were also able to do some much needed structural cleaning to our common areas.  We pruned and removed some dead trees  and limbs from the Patio area.  It was great being able to use this place for events and meetings over the summer.

Trees Pruned

Nice and Clean

First, we would like to thank all of our neighbors who participated in making our own neighborhood beautiful during the 2nd ANNUAL GREAT JERSEY CITY CLEAN-UP.  A lot of you came out and did some hard work and a great job cleaning up.  Check out the pics.

Bike Tour

Might've been a tad bit exhausting but all for a good cause, as a couple of our neighbors participated in the Bike Jersey City Ward Tour held on June 4, 2017.   The ward tour had over 2000 participants helping to raise awareness about bike safety throughout Jersey City.   It was a great day for a ride.

around Jersey city

In observance of the 2nd ANNUAL GREAT JERSEY CITY CLEAN-UP,  we invite all of our homeowners to  join us in helping make our own neighborhood clean and beautful.  Meeting place will be in the front of the main stairway, 10a.m.-12p.m. Saturday Aprill 29th.  We look forward to seeing everyone! 

help us celebrate earth day!